Generate more leads and increase your online sales
Several companies like yours are already earning more through online ads, if you are looking to leverage your company's sales and earn more too, then get in touch and guarantee your free consultation.


* Generate more qualified leads for your business
* Sell more and increase your revenue
* Sell to new audiences and grow your customer base
* Attract more visitors to your store or website
* More people engaged with your brand
* Increase your authority level
* Fully booked everyday


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Dedicated ad trafficker to manage your online campaign
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Customized strategy according to your type of business
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Setting up ad platforms and Analytics 
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Customized reports for better tracking and performance of your ads
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Availability for monthly meetings or according to your needs
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Additional support via WhatsApp


10 Passos para Construir um Poderoso Negócio
10 Passos para Construir um Poderoso Negócio
10 Passos para Construir um Poderoso Negócio
Alessandro Belomo
Online ad Trafficker
My work is focused on delivering consistent and value-added results to our clients. Through targeted campaign strategies for each company's target audience, we can reach new audiences to increase the customer base. I'm always looking for specialization to ensure even more results for people, I'm currently part of the Subido Pro mentorship, the largest personalized training program for online ad traffickers in Latin America.

Still have doubts

  • Is paid traffic for my business?

    Regardless of your business, if you are looking to sell more, gain visibility on the internet, grow your audience, receive more customers in your shop or online store, then yes, paid traffic is for your business.
  • How much should I invest?

    The investment is according to your business, the expected results and how much you intend to invest, so an alignment assessment is required, for which we offer a free consultation.
  • How long will it take to get a return on my investments?

    It is impossible to say a return period, this will depend on each type of business, amount invested, among other variables, but the return is not immediate, it may take weeks or even a few months to start having more expressive results, however, the investment in marketing for any business should be constant to get constant results.
  • I don't have a website, is it for me?

    Yes, it is possible to invest in paid traffic and generate good results even without a website, however for some business models it is recommended to have a website, we will analyze this it in your free consultancy.
  • What is the price for the paid traffic service?

    We do not have a fixed price table for all customers, it depends from business to business, so the price will be defined after your free consultation, where we will better understand your business and what you want to achieve with paid traffic.